Ocean of Sounds
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Dancing and drumming in the rhythm of joy

An ideal connection of learning and relaxing
The relieving and stress-reducing effect of music and dancing is of great importance in our civilized society. By dancing, sweating, singing, giving us time, feeling our bodies and drumming we can fully develop our vital strengths and we can deeply relax. Through rhythm we develop our connection to earth, because anyone who wants to take off rhythmically must have both feet firmly on the ground.
That supports a differenciated body consciousness and a clear mind. Dancing and drumming inspires to open the heart and reminds you that it is very important to enjoy life.

Dancing is the most passionate way to express your feelings.
It is to be on sure ground, to gain looseness, to relax, to take in the music, to feel the rhythm and to follow the natural urge to move. For this, the clear structures and traditional forms of Afro- Brazilian dancing are ideal. The strong expressiveness and diversity of movements give your joy of living a new dimension.

We will play the pulsating and earthy rhythms of Samba Reagge and Afoxé from Salvador da Bahia on the big bass drums (surdos), on repiniques and tamborins, on congas and shakers. We will take in the powerful vibrations of the drums until we can feel the typical Brazilian swing and the rhythms have an energizing effect on our bodies. The magic of the drums connects us with the passionate flow of movements, and we experience the mighty vibration of rhythms as a single big organism.

The one-week seminars at Pentecost and in the summer address beginners as well as participants who already have experience in drumming and dancing. Instruments are available, yet if you posses a conga, please bring it with you.

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