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RhythmConsciousness is a learning method that permits a natural access to rhythm by dancing and drumming in a way everybody can understand rhythm with his or her body.
On the basis of Afro-Brazilian rhythms and dances the training imparts a fundamental experience of music and dancing as a consciousness-developing media.The integral educational approach supports personal learning processes and opens new inner rooms.

RhythmConsciousnessR was developed by Thomas Ach and Roxana Jaffé in an intensive ten year cooperation and partnership. The two year training provides a first entrance into the basics of the RhythmConsciousnessR-Method. It has the quality of teaching both aspects of rhythm - dancing and drumming - as one unit.
The completion of the two year program is certificated.

Themes of the RhythmConsciousness-Method:
  • Experiencing the desire to move as an inexhaustible energy
  • Stretching, extension and limbering-up exercises
  • A better and lither physical condition
  • Strengthening vitality, self-confidence and sensation
  • Expanding one's repertoire of movements
  • Coordination and compensation of the right and left side of the body
  • Breathing exercises, energy work and sensitising our perception
  • Developing musicality by playing conga with the help of precise techniques and tone quality
  • Knowledge of Afro-Brazilian rhythms, dances and songs
  • Security and orientation within complex rhythms and movements
  • Learning to dance Afro-Brazilian choreographies
  • Connecting impulse, posture, space and breath
  • Opening our sense of hearing and differentiated perception
  • Training of concentration and lively learning through repetition
  • Enlarging our communication abilities
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