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with Thomas Ach / nonmedical practitioner

Therapy is a form of personal development and growth. It helps us to find answers to important vital matters in order to master the challenges of life.
As a therapist I can help you in moments you can't get on by yourself.
In addition to therapeutic tools, I am directed by my intuition, my long experience in therapeutic processes and especially my confidence in self-healing processes and the very own potential of every human being.
Essential are your needs, your personal history and the questions, which are important in your special living situation.
In this process I want to encounter your uniqueness and soul with respect and appreciation and assist you in dealing with your concerns.

Everyone knows situations and moments, in which we are entirely with ourselves. Life seems peaceful, amicable and full of energy. A state of being in which we arrive at ourselves. Yet, we also know moments, in which we experience ourselves disconnected, complicated and isolated. Desperation and emptiness determine our inner mood.
Within the therapeutic process we engage in central vital issues such as:
Childhood experience, trauma, relationship dynamics, personality analysis, sexuality, autonomy, changes in the field of work, ability to love and spirituality as well as in the connection between muscular tension (body), problems within the autonomous nervous system, bottled-up emotions, biased insights (belief), lack or blockade of energy and the underlying mental conflicts.
We start looking for liveliness, spontaneity and freedom.

We deal with narrowed concepts, fixed patterns of behaviour, sabotaged thoughts and convictions and arrive at your inner truth and the recognition of your potential.
We work on vital matters such as:

  • Who am I actually?
  • How do I feel emotionally and physically?
  • Where do I find pleasure in my life?
  • Do I like living and do I live from my creative potential?
  • What is my life-task?
  • Is my relationship working well?
  • Does my job satisfy me?
  • What do I have to learn from my experience?
  • Do I adhere to negative convictions?
  • Do I feel linked to my source of life and love?
  • Do I have difficulies in expressing my feelings?
  • Do I stick to myself as a man / woman?
  • Am I able to define myself sufficiently?
  • How can I deal with harm and violation?
  • How can I find out about the very depths of my soul without being guided through thoughts of security, power, control or self-negation?
  • How can I re-link myself with my essential qualities, so that my life is fulfilled with consciousness and peace?
  • Do I have a spiritual home?
Applying different methods like Core Energetics*, Pesso Therapy**, energy exercises and elements of gestalt, I will accompany you on your healing process and on your way to harmony between body, soul and mind.
With that, the gained knowledge and realisations can be reflected in our conversations and integrated into your actual and biographic situation.

Phone: ++49 (0) 88 07 - 275 96 30

* Core Energetics is a body psychotherapy oriented to energy and consciousness. This approach integrates all aspects of our humanity - psychological, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual. The centre is harmony between body, soul and spirit.
The founder, Dr. John Pierrakos, combined the work and knowledge of Wilhelm Reich, Carl G. Jung, of body psychotherapy and bioenergetics as well as his wife's - Eva Broch-Pierrakos - medial readings and developed the Core Energetics method by integrating his own energetic and spiritual approaches.
**Pesso Psychotherapy is a method that focuses on the body, trying to make inner conflict apparent by role plays or players symbolizing important persons of reference for the individual client. By it, positive and confirmative experience on a symbolic level allow a new, curative development. The founder, Albert Pesso, developed this method as a link of psycho-analysis and body psychotherapy. The method is supported by recent brain research.

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