Ocean of Sounds
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with Roxana Jaffé

My inborn clairvoyance is the leading strength in my life. Through my medial abilities I can help you finding answers to your questions such as:
  • What is my vocation?
  • How about my partnership(s)? What should I know?
  • How can I advance my personality and fully develop my abilities?
       Which steps do I have to take?
  • Which abilities do I have? What sources of power and energy can I use?
  • Where am I blocking myself?
  • Am I fulfilling my life-task? Which life-task do I have?
  • How can I advance my mental development?

    While channelling I form a bond to your mental level and core of energy. In this bond you'll find the answers to all of your questions. This is the level in which all information is memorized, where an understanding of everything that is happening is comprised.
    I am aware of the heavy responsibility and I am using my abilities with great respect, appreciation and recognition for my clients' fate. Certainly I am bound to professional discretion. The way a client is interpreting and dealing with the mediated information stays with the individual.
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