Ocean of Sounds
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1. Ocean of Sounds
Songs for Marimbas, Gongs and Drums
composed played and produced by Thomas Ach

1. Muamat
2. Terang Bulan - Vollmond
3. Ritmo Rossa
4. Meerestiefen
5. Blessing of Buddha

Puk, Surdo, Log-drum, Congas, Octoban, Tube-drums, Shekere.
Marimbas, Xylophon, Metallophon, Tubular-bells, Waterphone,
Tibetan Dung Chen, Damaru, Rölmo-Cymbels, Tribu-bell, Ting-Sha
Gongs from Thailand, Burma, China, Paiste-Planet Gongs and wadon from Bali

Muamat is the temple in the jungle.
There, dancing and happiness is the gift of gods.
Terang Bulan is the full moon of Bali. In this night I am surrounded by the sounds of the Gamelan, the rich colouring of garment and the smell of pink and jasmine.
Ritmo Rossa: In the warm light of the evening sun the blue Mediterranean ocean washes around the red granite rock of the West coast of Sardinia.
The smooth swing of Ritmo Rossa was created at this powerful place.
Meerestiefen: Through the breakers of the waves we sink into the tranquility of the depths of the sea, Meerestiefen. We glide and float through the fantastic colours and forms of the coralls, and we are astonished by the dancing of the fish.
Blessing of Buddha: outside of Kathmandou around the big Stupa of Bouldnath are the monasteries of the Tibetan Buddhism. There all love and wisdom came over me in a blessing. The incomparable power of Tibetan music inspired me to Blessing of Buddha.

Example Muamat:*
Example Ritmo Rossa:*
2. Suara
the Indonesian word for sound is an encounter of occidental, Asian, Afro-Brazilian and original self-made instruments on a lively journey over an ocean of musical spirits.

All compositions except for 5, 8 and 13 are from Thomas Ach, Gerd Kötter and Ardhi Engl.

1. O Sonho (classical Guitars, Gatham, Truhen-Orgel)
2. Jimiinbali (Bali-BuckelGongs, Gewindestange)
3. Danca dos milagres (Tubedrums, Schnurgit.,Triangle, Obertonrohr, Trompetes)
4. Indian Railway (Gatham, Saiten-Brotkorb, Wadon-BaliGong, Angklung)
5. "Ich ruf zu Dir" (Choralbearb . J.S.Bach Orgel, O-Daiko )
6. Pelangi (Schnurgit., Maultrommel, Bell-Set, Wadon-BaliGong)
7. Kecil-kecil (Tropfenmaschine, Cuica, Maultrommeln )
8. Tento del Modo Primero (J. Bermudo Orgel, Surdo)
9. Passaros (Berimbau, Suling,Truhen-Orgel)
10.Tiefseebläser (Rohrsax, Sonnen-Gongs, O-Daiko)
11. Klungkung (Schnurgit, GlockensoundSet, Bali-Gongs)
12. Hochseestreicher (Angklung, Monochord, SymphonicGong, Truhen-Orgel)
13. Pavana lachrimae (J. Dowland classical Guitars, Waterphone )
14. Sakuhachi (Sakuhachi, Paiste Sound Creation Gongs)

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Example Sonho:*
Example Klungkung:*
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